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Secure teaches you to repair casters correctly and prolong service life

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The service life of a caster is the focus of our concern. In many cases, when using the caster, it will encounter some problems, such as unable to rotate, unable to achieve normal steering, or the bearing of the caster wheel is damaged, the bracket is deformed, and the brake is not flexible, which is related to the unreasonable use and maintenance in the process of use.

So how can we extend its service life? Secure thinks that the casters can be maintained in daily use through the following points.

1. Visual inspection of wheel wear: the poor rotation of the wheel is related to the rope and other debris.


2. Inspection of support and fastener: too loose or too tight caster is another factor. Replace the damaged wheel. After inspection and replacement of the wheel, make sure to tighten the axle with locking gasket and nut. Because the loose axle will cause the friction between the wheel and the bracket and block, the replacement wheel and bearing should be provided to avoid the loss of production. If the movable steering is too loose, it must be replaced immediately. If the center rivet of caster is fixed by nut, it must be firmly locked. If the movable steering cannot rotate freely, check the ball for corrosion or dirt. If a fixed type caster is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the caster bracket does not bend.


3. Lubricating oil maintenance: add lubricating oil to the caster regularly, and the wheel and movable bearing can be used for a long time. Applying grease to the friction parts of wheel axles and ball bearings can reduce friction and make the rotation more flexible. Under normal circumstances, lubrication should be carried out every six months, and the wheels should be lubricated every month.

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