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Secure Mobile Laptop Computer Workstation Cart

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Secure Mobile Laptop Computer Workstation

1. Humanized design concept


  SECURE medical carts are equipped with ultra-smooth medical-specific silent casters, and the hidden external equipment tray is convenient for placing printers, projectors, etc. The car is also equipped with a "mouse tray" that can slide left and right and a mouse placement rack, which effectively improves the comfort of medical staff when inputting data. The optional lockable medicine storage box drawer adopts a modular design, and the precision sliding track is light and strong.


2. Lift as you like


  The product designed based on ergonomic principles is practical and easy to operate, allowing users to easily adjust the working posture of the cart. As long as you lightly press the lift switch on the side of the armrest and use a small force to lift or press down, the cart table can be easily lifted and lowered. The lifting stroke of 440mm has good compatibility and conforms to the various heights of the eastern and western user groups.


3. Safe and intelligent power system


The cart battery adopts sealed lead-acid battery technology (optional lithium battery) and a safe and intelligent charging system, providing 220V or 110V safe and effective power output. The LCD panel of the operation console can quickly check the charge and discharge and power, and the high-brightness LED lighting lamp is The keyboard operation is convenient, and the battery is easy to replace.

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