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How to choose a caster partner for mobile equipment manufacturing enterprises?

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        As a mobile equipment manufacturing enterprise,How to choose a good caster?

        When you want to buy a long life caster,You have to choose a reliable caster partner.

        You can refer to the following three tips

  1. Choose partners with independent research and design capabilities

    It is very important to choose a partner with independent research and design capabilities, because the large-scale purchase of supporting casters requires sufficient patent protection to prevent possible intellectual property disputes on products.

    But many buyers often ignore this point, leading to the caster "naked" on the road.

    Our product Angellun wheel caster has a perfect product patent system, so as to ensure that customers buy casters are of excellent quality.

    From research to production, Angellun wheel caster not only provides customers with standardized caster products, but also customized products.


  2. Selection of partners with strong supply capability

    The caster partner with strong supply capacity represents strong manufacturing capacity and stable product quality output capacity, and is more at ease for the use of casters.

    Angellun production plant system has passed ISO9001 certification, and its products have obtained a number of patents.

    The six production lines can meet the needs of customers for equipment supporting casters in medical, education, beauty, home furnishing, logistics and other industries, and continuously output high-value products for end customers.


  3. Choose partners to provide quality services

    Choose the caster partner who provides high quality service, and guarantee the pre-sale, in sale and after-sale service.

    It not only provides professional matching scheme in equipment matching, but also provides high-quality service in customization.

    Angellun always provides high-quality service casters for customers, and takes customer demand as the guide to meet the diversified needs of customers in the whole purchase process.


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