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Exhibition | Jegna Brings Medical Workstations to Shining Mountain City

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The 29th China Midwest Medical Equipment Expo was held in the mountain city of ChongQing.

The exhibition area reached 200,000 square meters, bringing together nearly 6,000 medical device manufacturing companies.

The number of exhibitors reached 300,000.

Professionals in the industry conduct communication, business negotiations, and market demand to expand cooperation between the two parties.

As a high-quality medical equipment commerce platform in the Midwest that has been successfully held for 25 years,  Jegna was invited to appear at the exhibition site with professional medical equipment workstations.

Reaped full attention and great favor from hospitals.


As a professional-level medical digitalization, informatization, and 5G intelligent product mobile solution provider, Jegna has followed the "Internet + medical health" medical reform policy direction in recent years, and continues to focus on product mobilization, informatization, and product mobilization With intelligent R&D and manufacturing, it continuously produces mobile information workstations, medical carts, smart care, smart wards, educational information work carts, 5G remote carts, and customized software and hardware integrated solutions.

This time, Jegna brought four categories of star products, including ward rounds, mobile nursing workstations, mobile surgical teaching workstations, and endoscopy system workstations, to the Midwest Medical Equipment Exhibition.



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